Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally got started

"I believe knowledge sharing is key to knowledge gain"

Hi All,

Finally bolgger world has pulled me to start my own blog. I have been thinking this for so long and now my self motivation has forced me to create my knowledge sharing place. I have created this blog to share any issues , solutions, tricks etc..that I find when working on MOSS projects. I hope this information will be helpful to some of you and will save some time.

Will try my best to actively post any solutions or tips I find or come across.

Oh yeah! and just to start with - tomorrow is a SharePoint UserGroup happening in Canberra. Patrick Tisseghem is in town and will be delivering a session on Customizing Search page and results. Check this: http://www.sharepointusers.org.au/Canberra/default.aspx

I am defi going for this session and will try to share some information on here.

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